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What Should You Consider When Hiring a Professional Painting Contractor?

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Is it me or does finding a home improvement contractor feel like the wild wild west? If you’re in need of home improvement and have never searched for a contractor before, I will lay out some key qualities and signals to look out for to help guide your decision-making. This article will provide insight into what you should look for when hiring a Professional Painting Contractor (PPC) but is not limited to hiring other professionals such as General Contractor, Drywall Installer, Floor Installer, Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, Landscapers, HVAC Technician, etc.


The reason why you are looking to hire a PPC is because you have identified a need or a want to have painting work completed in your home or business. Regardless of it being a need or a want, when you hire a professional, this implies that you want the work to be done right at a fair price.  After all, you’re inviting them into your home, so ensuring these qualities is essential but its not always guaranteed.
You should look for a PPC that values your time with punctuality and responsiveness. Clear communication throughout the project, from initial estimates to project completion, is key. A professional demeanor, from attire to work ethic, builds trust and confidence and can usually be determined by the first interaction.


Beyond professionalism, experience with similar projects is crucial. If they have a photo gallery, glance through to see the previous projects they have worked on. There’s no better way to judge a PPC on the quality of their work then to see the projects they have already completed. Review the PPC’s website to ensure they carry the necessary licenses and insurance. This ensures the project is completed legally and provides protection of yours and their property.

Ask the PPC about the Paint and Materials they plan on using. Provide insight into what your expectations are for each project. Do you plan on repainting every two years or do you want the paint to hold its property for 5-10 years? Do you want your PPC to use the highest quality Paint? Or are you ok with mid or low-grade paint? As long as you set your expectation and ask questions, your PPC should be able to educate and guide you in the decision-making process.

Building trust is essential. Review testimonials and read the reviews left by their previous clients. Honesty and transparency throughout the process, from pricing to potential challenges, fosters trust.
Going the extra mile can truly set a PPC apart from the rest. Maintaining a clean work environment and minimizing disruption to your daily life shows respect.  Flexibility in adapting to your needs and preferences, while working efficiently within your schedule, demonstrates a commitment to your overall satisfaction. Offering a warranty or guarantee on the work demonstrates confidence in the quality and provides peace of mind.

By all means, this is not an exhaustive list as everyone may have a different set of standards for hiring a PPC. However, by identifying these qualities, you will enhance your ability to select the right PPC for your next painting project. Because your project matters!


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